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“To work with Ben is to work with an intelligent and highly organized indivdual who has vision and the skills to bring that vision to fruition.”

-Andre Cormier, Broadcast Director/Producer

“Ben’s approach was one of patience and knowledge. He worked with us and listened to every detail we presented. The experience was a pleasure and the result is a lucid and meaningful video.”

-Carol Bryan, Scythe Supply Owner

“Thank you so much for our incredible wedding video! You captured our ceremony beautifully and created a wonderful gift for us to be able to look back on.”

-Kelsey & Corey Dewitt

“I can attest that Ben Speed’s commitment to movie making is life long and that he’s a fine teacher able to motivate youth to create good work.”

-Huey, Independent Filmmaker

“I’ve worked with Ben Speed in his capacity both as an educator and an editor and I find the quality of his work very high and his work style full of ‘can do’ spirit.  He’s the kind of person you like to have on your team.”

-Richard Kane, Kane-Lewis Productions



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